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Our SEO service, based in Auckland, gets you in front of more potential customers, boosting traffic to your website and increasing your profits.

Rank higher in search results

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is all about improving the performance and experience of your website to increase its visibility in search engines, such as Google. Here at Kiwi Web Co, we have a range of solid SEO strategies to help your business meet and exceed its goals.

  • Are you looking to increase traffic to your website?
  • Are your competitors outperforming you on Google?
  • Would you like to increase sales and leads?

As your local SEO company in Auckland, Kiwi Web Co have the expertise to help you meet your goals.

SEO is critical in today’s market

Explore how SEO can boost your online presence

Get seen by more people

Having a beautiful, user-friendly, and sales-driven website serves no purpose if no one is visiting it. A targeted SEO strategy gets you seen by those who matter.

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Increase leads and sales

Increased brand exposure and higher website traffic puts you in front of more people searching for what your business has to offer, leading to more conversions.

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Spend less on ads

A solid SEO strategy gets your website to the top of search results organically, and just as importantly, keeps it there. With this, your business can cut costs on online ad spending.

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Get the advantage over your competitors

The first page on Google is hot property; results on the first page get over 90% of traffic – you can’t afford to not be there while your competitors are.

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Discover more

What exactly is SEO?

SEO is made up of three key parts: technical, off-site, and on-site. These parts all work together to determine how well your website ranks in search engines. And of course, the higher your ranking, the more likely you’ll be seen by potential customers.

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Get the facts

Why is SEO so critical?

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81% of all Google searchers click on organic results (meaning only 19% click on paid ads).

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Only 9% of all Google searchers make it to the end of the first page.

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Only 0.44% of searchers go to Google’s second page of results.

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What to expect

Our SEO service process

We understand that using an SEO service can be daunting. That’s why we keep our customers in the loop throughout the process and we don’t use any over-complicated, technical jargon (unless of course you want us to, and then we’re happy to get nerdy and delve into the finer details with you!).

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1. Audit

We take a ‘snapshot’ of how your website currently performs so that we can track progress.

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2. Meet

We meet with you to present our audit findings and put forward a set of SEO recommendations.

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3. Onboard

We request access to your website. We walk you through this process and what’s involved.

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4. Optimise

We implement our changes to ensure the best possible SEO score for your website. You’ll receive a report detailing the work.

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5. Monitor

If you select one of our ongoing plans, we’ll regularly monitor your website to ensure it stays in optimum SEO condition.

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Have some questions?

If you still have some unanswered questions, we’d be happy to help! Just drop us a line.

Google measures your website’s loading time, render time, and responsiveness. It then uses this data to rank your website in search engines. The higher your score, the better you place in search engine rankings (SERPs). High-ranking sites typically get more visitors.

We remove unnecessary code from your pages, reorganise the loading order of important scripts, and remove ‘bloated’ files where possible.

Talk to us to discuss your website and your requirements – we are competitively priced and specialise in small to medium-sized businesses.

This process usually takes 2 – 3 weeks, depending on the size of your website and how much optimisation work is required.

We are proudly New Zealand-owned and operated, offering our SEO service from Auckland.

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